Back in January 2013, we shot a short documentary about the wonderful artist Kelsey Brookes in San Diego, CA for Like Knows Like.

Kelsey suggested to shoot him surfing, since this is one of his greatest hobbies besides making art and loving his family. So we bought a brand new $350 GoPro Camera to attach on his surfboard. So far so good.

After a couple of waves, the GoPro broke off the board and got lost in The North Pacific Ocean. Kelsey and ourselves couldn’t believe this happened and of course hoped the GoPro would be found one day.

More then 1.5 years later, the fine folks of Matuse (a surf shop in San Diego) posted an image of Kelsey in action on Instagram. Meaning the GoPro got found?? what?!!? WHAT?!?!?

Thank you Matuse for shipping. Carlo Fezzi, this is coming your way for finding. <3

Canvas  by  andbamnan